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Can't get any better than a massage candle for your sweetie!! The avocado oil, shea butter, cocoa butter and soy wax deliver a long lasting massage :) Apply on sore and achy muscles, or for dry feet and elbows! Smells amazing, too!

Just use like a regular candle, burn up to 3 hours until a melt pool is present, then blow out the candle and wait for 5 mins until the wax is cool. Included a wooden scoop to apply to skin. Enjoy the wonderful properties of this candle.


Cleopatra's favorite (slightly amber-like but more natural and less sticky/sweet smelling with hint of spicy notes as well) , Coconut Mango, Lavender Sage and Tropical Rain. Collect them all.

*****Able to ship this candle November through April*****

8 oz silver tin cans.

Handmade and Hand-Poured in the USA


*******massage candle instructions******

For a longer burning time of your candle. Follow these steps; Burn the candle a minimum of 1.5-3 hours until the melted wax reaches the edge of the container as soy candles tunnel if not burned properly.  Blow out the candle and wait 5-10 mins to cool, then apply using the wooden scoop provided to apply on skin (body, feet, & arms).  Do not apply on face. Trim candle wick on every burn and should be ¼ of an inch long. Burning max 2.5 hours.  Enjoy candle within a year!

Massage Soy Candles (4 scents) Pick Up or South Bay Cities Delivery Only

  • There are no returns and refunds for soap bars, lip balms, salves,  candles and other bath essentials.  If for some reason you are allergic or sensitive with any of our soap bars, lip or salves, please discontinue use.  Write us an email on our contact page of the product that you've encountered an allergic reaction or sensitivity to, along with the invoice number for reference and we can provide you with a 10% discount on your next order.    

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