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About Aerides General Store

After receiving my degree with a BFA in Art Photography from CSULB in 2004, I ventured out on a new medium of creating an art installation.  The idea took about another 8 years later and finally completed the art installation in 2018 at Avenue 50 Studios in Highland Park. The installation included making a transparent soap, so I purchased the materials in order to make large batches of clear soap. I included words and the articles/newspaper clippings such as the Columbine Shootings (CO), Manchester Arena Attack after Ariana Grande’s concert (UK), and Boston Marathon Bombings (MA). These words included Terrorism, Massacre and Carnage.

And thanks to my cousin Elaine, she donated a used sink to add to my installation. I also found a medicine cabinet with a mirror from a nearby thrift store. I really wanted to showcase a bathroom with a sink along with the numerous soaps with words and articles inside the soaps. It was one of those childhood memories when my father would tell me over and over again that I can never wash my hands to remove or clear me of my sins. At that moment, I knew that the installation was the start of my obsession in making soaps.

Currently selling my soaps online, at local farmers markets and pop up events. And what I love the most is adding the best ingredients in my soaps and using the right amount of fragrances and essential oil.

As of 2022, Aerides General Store continues to provide handcrafted small sundries of items of artisan soaps, massage candles and container candles, locally-sourced beeswax lip balms, and other body essentials.  Along with the handcrafted body goodness, the store grows with helping other small businesses in other parts of the US, which includes indigenous goods of small batch jams, jellies, and pancake syrups, local raw honey from the city of La Verne and bees that roam the Los Angeles National Forest.  Plus, introducing special single species & several variety of Filipino Coffee beans thanks to Teofilo Coffee Company.  With the help of our local community and the patrons who support my store, then I am here to represent other local artisans, too.

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